Swarm Season

Be on the lookout, much moisture combined with forecasted temperatures above 70 degrees and this will be an active week for termites.

This most destructive urban pest is active 24/7/365 causing more than 5 Billion dollars in damage annually. Have you set the buffet table for this pest by allowing your termite warranty to expire?

Contact Fewer Bugs today for a professional inspection.



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Things that go bump in the night

That’s not ole Saint Nick making noises above your head. If you are experiencing noises coming from the attic, chances are you have some unwanted guests. Rodents have a tendency to move inside as our nights get cooler. Insulation and tight confines make for great nesting sites.

Noises at night generally means you have roof rats. They can damage wiring, plumbing and wood, not to mention interrupting your sleep. They key to managing rats is exclusion, identifying their entryways and sealing them up. Strategic placement of traps will rapidly eliminate rats that have set up residence in your attic.

Trimming trees away from the house will help prevent roof rats from gaining access to your attic. Additional recommendations include storing pet food in tight metal containers in a secure location and eliminating areas where rats can find shelter.

Please contact us for additional assistance

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Ant or Termite are you sure?

They’re back, well actually they never left, termites are active 24/7 365. Termites will typically swarm from the start of March into June. Signs of a swarm include a cloud of bugs flying toward natural or flourescent light, discarded wings, an exit hole in sheet-rock or wood. Many times the swarm is the homeowners first indication that they have an infestation. The colony has been in existence and feeding for at least 2 years, prior to swarming.

Solutions include a chemical treatment, the installation of a monitoring system or a combination of both. Homes should be inspected annualy for signs of termite activity. If you suspect termite activity or haven’t had an inspection recently contact us to schedule an inspection.

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Mass sightings of kudzu bug or globular stink bug

If you live near a source of kudzu you may very well experience a bug resembling an olive green colored lady bug, this is the kudzu bug or globular stink bug. These bugs will usually be found on light colored surfaces of the home seeking a warm sheltered place to overwinter until spring. The best defense for homeowners experiencing these pests is to ensure that the house is properly screened and caulked. Steel wool can be used around conduit pipes entering the home. If possible the kudzu around the structure should be removed or killed with an herbicide.

Inside the structure a vacuum should be used to remove the insects, either place the insects in hot soapy water or dispose of  the bag in the trash. It may be necessary to store the trash away from the structure due to the odor which can emanate from these insects.

Applying insecticide inside the home is not recommended for the control of these insects. A residual insecticide can be applied to the exterior of the structure however theproblem will continue as long as the kudzu or other vegetation exists around the home.

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Peace of Mind

Advice, peace of mind, and solutions, this is what we offer our clients. In a way I am house sitting for the next two weeks.

A client is panicked that they will return from their vacation to find their kitchen overrun with ants. The ants appeared days before their departure, this combined with the stress of preparing for a two week vacation was almost too much for this client to handle. She wanted a guarantee that ants would not greet them upon their return.

Solution:  leave me a key and I will check on the situation no less than 3 times while you’re away. They returned relaxed and the relieved to find their kitchen ant free.

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Notorious Nibblers

The meaning of the word rodent is to gnaw, and mice are notorious nibblers. They eat about 3 grams of food per day, 8 pounds per year, the troubling fact is they contaminate 10 times the amount they consume. The ability to know their habits enables us to solve rodent issues rapidly.

A client was recently dealing with mice eating their dogs food. They tried unsuccessfully to catch the little thieves and became frustrated. By identifying the entry points and properly utilizing snap traps the mice were eliminated within 3 days. The clients were pleased that the mice were gone but more importantly that I stopped future problems from arising by addressing the entry points.

Hearing strange sounds in parts of your home where things shouldn’t be living?  Give us a call at 770-517-1110 or send us an email with any questions you may have.

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Problem Solver

“I don’t know how you do what you do”

“you couldn’t pay me enough”

These are statements I hear on a regular basis. Whether I’m tracking rats or inspecting a nasty crawl space, I will make sure the problem is solved.

Earlier this week I received a call from a client who was concerned as to whether or not the huge spider “guarding” her back deck was poisonous. I assured her that there is nothing to worry about and identified it as a garden spider. This assurance and the combination of removing both spider and web restored her peace of mind. Our goal is to protect food, property and health, many times that includes psychological health.

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Pests – Our Competition

The living things that compete with us for food or attack us directly are called pests. They need three things to survive: food, water, and shelter.

Our comprehensive approach will address all three of these areas and in doing so will enable us to solve the problem with the least amount of chemical. All bugs are not pests; there are nearly 500 species of Ladybugs and all but three are beneficial to the environment. The recommended control measure is a vacuum cleaner.

Pesticides are not always the answer.  Contact us for options for your situation.

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