Mass sightings of kudzu bug or globular stink bug

If you live near a source of kudzu you may very well experience a bug resembling an olive green colored lady bug, this is the kudzu bug or globular stink bug. These bugs will usually be found on light colored surfaces of the home seeking a warm sheltered place to overwinter until spring. The best defense for homeowners experiencing these pests is to ensure that the house is properly screened and caulked. Steel wool can be used around conduit pipes entering the home. If possible the kudzu around the structure should be removed or killed with an herbicide.

Inside the structure a vacuum should be used to remove the insects, either place the insects in hot soapy water or dispose of  the bag in the trash. It may be necessary to store the trash away from the structure due to the odor which can emanate from these insects.

Applying insecticide inside the home is not recommended for the control of these insects. A residual insecticide can be applied to the exterior of the structure however theproblem will continue as long as the kudzu or other vegetation exists around the home.

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