Services Fewer Bugs, Inc. provides the following services Need a service you don’t see listed?  Contact us and ask! All pest management practices consist of a 5 step approach; Inspection Identification Recommendation Treatment Evaluation 401 Providence Walk Street Canton, Georgia  30114 Address Phone Office 770-517-1110 Fax 770-517-1471 Cell 404-392-2307 email Pests need 3 things To survive and thrive, pests require three things: Eliminating one or all 3 of these will assist in the management of pests, and will reduce the amount of chemicals needed Our residential service includes inside/outside service, free call backs as needed and can be designed to fit your needs. Suggestions will be made as needed regarding exclusion techniques, drainage and landscape maintenance. Sanitation, monitoring and rapid response are the key to commercial accounts This consists of a 5 step process: Inspection, Identification, Exclusion, Trapping, and Follow-up. Poison is not recommended, a dead rodent will stink, don’t assume they will expire outside your living space. Residential Pest Management Commercial Pest Management Rodent Management Termite Management Termite Inspections Termite Letters Pre Treat: There are 3 options are available to you: Conventional liquid treatment, Installing a monitoring system, or Treating the wood prior to the installation of wiring and mechanicals. Post Construction options are limited to Conventional Liquid Treatment or Installing a Monitoring System. Your house should be inspected annually for the signs and symptoms of termites, mud tubes, etching, damaged wood, and alates (swarmers). If you are buying a house it is imperative to have your pest management professional inspect the property. The structure is being inspected for two types of termites, two types of beetles, wood decaying fungus and conditions conducive to these wood destroying organisms. website design by Technical Resource Solutions copyright ©2010, Fewer Bugs, Inc.  |  All Rights Reserved